Monday, 26 November 2007

Hairdresser wannabe

After looking at all the hairstyles, I suddenly have the inspiration to give Lavigne a haircut. Well, not trying to let her be my guinea pig but she does need one. In my rather futile effort to copy the kawaii little girl's hairstyle, I managed to (surprisingly) finish the job quicker than usual. As Lavigne doesn't have a thick head of hair, I didn't dare layer it too much. This is how she looks now.

Lavigne Nov 07
ps: The girl on the right is the model


Mngo-Irene said...

oh! the hairstyle look real great!
u r superb ros!
and she look so different

Roslyn said...

Thanks! But you do realise that the girl in the bottom pic is not Lavigne, hor?

EILEEN LIU said...

Faith had a hair cut recently and i think she resembles Louise a little. check out her latest hairstyle in my friendster. i have uploaded some photos.

Mngo - Irene said...

oh ya hor. OMG!! i dam blur!!