Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Lavigne's Jungle Party

lavigne's cake

The Birthday Cake

Lavigne's Party Fam Pic

Family pic

Goodie bags

Goodie Bags

Treasure Hunt Consolation Prizes

Consolation Prizes for Animal Hunt

Party food

Party Food

(photo compliment of Saggs)

Monkey feeding station

Monkey Feeding Station

(Photo compliment of Saggs)

welcoming guests

Welcoming Guests

(Photo compliment of Saggs)

Adventure seekers

Going on an adventure



(Photo compliment of Saggs)

craft station

Binoculars-making station

(Photo compliment of Saggs)

Feeding the monkey

Having another go at feeding peanuts to the monkey.

(Photo compliment of Saggs)

Munching time

Time to recharge and refuel

(Photo compliment of Saggs)


Saggs said...

It's a tragedy -- Danielle left the animal biscuits somewhere in the party and I didn't get to eat them! Waaaaaaaaah!


Roslyn said...

Alamak! No wonder I have extras.....

Anonymous said...

*replaces my dropped jaw*

really awesome, as ever!

- Mel

Ros said...

Thanks Mel! I can't wait to see what you're going to do at A's party.

Sharon said...

*** applause *** applause *** really impressed with your party planning.....the "feed the monkey" corner and "croc photo" taking wall.....i wont hve tot of that.....

Kelly said...

happy belated birthday to lavigne. your party planning is incredible. i'm sure even adults had lotsa fun.

Lilian said...

omigosh! You're truly amazing and super creative.

You should really make a career/business as a Party Planner. I will definitely hire you, PLEASE!

And Happy Belated Birthday Lavigne!

Roslyn said...

Thanks ladies!

I'm thinking of becoming a party planner but hubby says no money to make from it. :(