Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wanna Play?

As you can see, I've finally changed my blog design. Since I'm still in the mood, I'm going to design a blog header for FREE! Yes, you read it right. If you're tired of your blog design or simply want to personalise your blog, drop me a comment and your URL saying why your online diary needs a revamp. I'll have a lucky dip on Sunday, 22nd Feb. Go on! You know you want it. Good luck!


Saggs said...

Ok, you know my url. Must I REALLY give you a reason?! Alamak!
Erm...Becoz I've never had a proper design on my blog before!?

How? Can, can? Kekeke

kikumjy said...

u know my url too!

reason very simple, motivate me to blog again! :P

Kelly said...

er...u know my url. reason? my kids r growing up. hahaha!

anyway, i love e blog header (which u did for me) too much to hv it changed. can u pls help me change e pics? i m an idiot when it comes 2 such stuff.

i do hv a GF who needs help wif her blog header. will pass her tis link.

pls kiss n hugs ur girls 4 me. thks!

btw, can email me ur home tel? wanna chat wif u. called ur old no, then realised u moved so the no probably changed too.

Anonymous said...

i m the GF which kelly mentioned.. keke.. *thanks kelly!*

i juz migrate from blogger to wordpress ( and badly need a header for my new blog.. my current header is a v distorted pic.. =(

Hope i can be the lucky one.. :D

Dominique said...

I would like a timeless new header.. I keep getting bored of mine and I'm still not that good enough with GIMP to create a nice one.


sharon said...

Hee...thats a nice lucky draw to begin noe my URL...oh no...I have 2 URL....but dun disqualify me....I am submitting Sharwyn's one cos I usually talk more in this blog. Tiking of combining both soon. If I win, keke, I will like to have a blog header abt my 2 I can juz concentrate on writing one. =

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi! I got to know about this thru Mel's blog.

I have been wanting to create a blog header but I just couldn't figure out how to do it the way I like it. So hopefully this will be a nice opportunity to spice up my blog appearance!

my blog address:

Fingers and toes crossed!

Lily Ann said...

That's because I'm a great fan of your works! (& I'm still an idiot who haven't quite figured out. Tried but failed.)

teng said...

u know my url too! pls help!

Tsu Lin + + said...


I need a revamp because I need my blog to be flashier and I want all the flashy stuff that blogspot is offering now (and because I am so tired of hardcoding my blog for so long)... and it would be nice if someone can help me do this :)

I'm at


Jen said...

Me lah... saw this only today!!!

Let me join in your draw just for fun!!! Hahaha...

Shall advertise for you on my kids' blogs. Hope more pple will join in the fun! :)

dardar6374 said...

cos ur blog is so nice .. i want one too :)

Anonymous said...

I want! I need!

Simply because u are capable of creating such a pretty effect for my so so boring blog..

Nothing brightens one's day but pretty things... :)