Monday, 6 February 2012

My poor blog

Aiyoh! I've totally lost the mojo to blog. How to get it back? My playground is the Facebook now. Sigh! My readers have probably all forsaken me.

Our Snowman Family 2012

It snowed here in England over the weekend, after a week of freezing weather. Winter has been very mild up till then. I love the magical feel of the snow but hate driving on icy road conditions. Always glad to get home without any incidents.

Keep warm or cool depending on where you are and fingers' crossed I'll get my mojo back!


Sher said...

i'm reading! i'm reading!

Sher said...
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Roslyn said...

Thanks, Sher! That's reassuring! I may not be blogging but still following yours. :)

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time and here we are in 2013 already. I have COMPLETELY stopped blogging and due to China's firewalls, been unable to follow other's as well. Kinda sad, coz this is where we all got to know each other...bless. :))

Syl xx